// Short fiction / Experimental / 7 Min. / Director: Nicole Wegner

// Prices: “Best Original Soundtrack”, 2011, Asolo Art Film Festival, Italy
“3rd Price of Jury, NRW”, 2010, Unlimited European Short Film Festival


She sits there for a long time. She could hear him all day long.
She sets out. Finally, walks into the kitchen (adding).
The shadow (us two) and black flood.
She listens carefully (16,000 Hz).
And what is important ceases to exist (I can’t be without you).


With: Julia Schunevitsch

Art Direction: Janina Warnk

Director of Photography: Simon Steinhorst

Sound / Sounddesign: Marcus Zilz

Edit: Nicole Wegner

Ride cymbal: Niklas Nesselhut